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It's OK To Say puts the spotlight on Children's Mental Health. In 2019, It's OK To Say launched Children's Mental Health Week in support of Place2Be across St Albans and district and now growing bigger and better with many schools and nurseries taking part. With the support of key people like St Albans mental health champion, Cllr Anthony Rowlands and Director of Public Health and Vice President-Association of Directors of Public Health, Professor Jim McManus, It's Ok To Say is passionate about highlighting mental health drawing attention to the importance of the early years and offering support, often visiting educational establishments. The founder, Stacey Turner has often hosted presentations, been a guest at school assemblies and worked amongst the students to achieve an understanding that is age appropriate. She has instigated projects and worked successfully with various departments at Oaklands College in the interest of imprinting key information, encouraging discussion and spreading the word.

A new It's OK To Say schools initiative will be launched in 2020.

"As a children's book author, Stacey brings a creative difference in highlighting that everyone has mental health, it's ok to feel, what to do with our emotions and advising of external help available. We have already booked Stacey for another visit next year."

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Letter from Dan Tansley

To Whom It May Concern,

It was a privilege for Verulam School to welcome Stacey Turner and England cricket legend Monty Panesar into school last Thursday morning. Both Year 8 and Year 9 were treated to a presentation on positive mental health. Monty shared his experiences from both on and off the cricket pitch and engaged in some fantastic conversations highlighting the importance of taking the time to talk. Stacey’s support for our school is wonderful and the new website ‘It’s ok to say’ will help promote that message. Our Year 11 Mental Health leaders enjoyed an excellent Q&A with Monty and Stacey discussing what we currently do at Verulam to help support positive mental health.

It was a very successful visit and one which I know both students and staff got a lot out of!

Kind regards

Dan Tansley

Head of Year 10

Pastoral Director

Verulam School

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It’s OK To Say promotes a nurturing approach towards settling and soothing children in support of developing healthy attachments, separation anxiety and providing important information to support the whole family, which in turn supports the school.

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