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It’s OK To Say strives to encourage people to talk! We want people to talk about their mental health and people to listen. Rejecting the stigma, we highlight how to go about it and the help available. It’s OK To Say is for everyone, reaching people of all ages from the early years without being specific to reason.

It’s OK To Say encourages people to speak up and put things in place to support daily needs rather than when things escalate. It’s OK To Say encourages parents, carers and professionals to lead by example, inspiring healthy and open conversations demonstrating It’s OK To Say and what can be gained by doing so.

Meet The Team!


We are a team of professionals working closely within the community, organisations, public health and NHS teams, as well as working with key people to reinforce our core messages and reach people.

Partnered with the Herts Advertiser, It’s OK To Say shares information via articles in print and online, sharing people’s stories and hosting interviews to motivate and support the public.

As well as talking on radio, tv and at events, It’s OK To Say has launched it’s own podcast!

We visit nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, organisations, libraries and support centres (often with key people) to talk about and spark conversations surrounding mental health and well-being.

In line with the NHS, we create online and community support in conjunction with our own GP and professionals on the board of trustees. We create brochures for doctors’ surgeries and support centres supporting patients and families.

It’s OK To Say hosts events and supports sponsors events throughout the year. As an example, we successfully launched Children’s Mental Health Week across St Albans and district to shine the spotlight on Children’s Mental Health. We want children from a very young age to know that it is OK to say, understand feelings and the role they play.

We support companies by helping create in-house mental health campaigns, a proactive mental health strategy to support staff on an everyday basis providing reassurance and a healthy work environment, alleviating stress in the workplace. We want people to feel comfortable and be happy doing what they’re doing. One in six employees experiences a mental health problem and stress thought to be responsible for almost half of working days lost. The relationship between mental health and the workplace is a complex one.

Overall, we believe that given support, everyone can thrive!

These video shows a snippet of our work with Oakland’s College media students.


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Charity Supporters

In helping achieve our goals, It's OK To Say partners and regularly works closely with organisations, businesses and individuals who are passionate about mental health. Together, we are stronger and help form a collective group in order to make a difference. It's OK To Say supports in various ways. If you would like to help make a difference or would like us to support you, please get in touch. If you are wanting to register your service, please click here..