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It’s OK To Say is a mental health care and well-being charity.

“Since our official inception in 2018, we have grown with thanks to our community. What began as raising awareness alongside a well known newspaper and the press is now a mental health care and well-being charity offering a comprehensive range of services for people of all ages to include face to face and online counselling, workshops, support groups and a pop-up cafe for young people. We also offer corporate psychology, helping companies embed mental health and well-being within their framework with ongoing employee benefit. We have built a nationwide network of professionals to help provide the best support possible. At the heart, we know what that first step can take and we want to get you to where you need to be as quickly possible.  All in all, our goal remains to provide a comfortable space to talk and explore what is available to support the health of the mind.”

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Take a Pause Competition

It’s OK To Say has unveiled the #takeapause campaign to...
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Meet Worry Bear!

I am worry bear, I am here to help you...
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Lets Rise Up to Anxiety

The following pdfs and links are separation anxiety articles published...


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In helping achieve our goals, It's OK To Say partners and regularly works closely with organisations, businesses and individuals who are passionate about mental health. Together, we are stronger and help form a collective group in order to make a difference. It's OK To Say supports in various ways. If you would like to help make a difference or would like us to support you, please get in touch. If you are wanting to register your service, please click here..

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