Today is a little reminder to slow down, take notice and be kind to yourself.

“I see self-care as the things we do to look after our physical and mental wellbeing, I think that it is very hard to make time for this without self-compassion, as it’s being kind to ourselves that allows us to actually make the time to care for ourselves. Moreover, I think there can be a big difference in the way you apply the two. For example, whereas an act of self-care might be to go for a run, an act of self-compassion might be recognising that given everything else you have on today, it’s ok to not go so far, or choose to do some yoga at home, or just take the dog a walk instead. In this way, self-compassion is about giving ourselves permission to do what is right for us right now. Make sure you schedule this in as otherwise, it has a tendency to get forgotten about.”

Dr Rebecca Adlington