CORONAVIRUS: Doctor’s says it’s okay to reach out for help

“IT’S OK to be scared. It’s OK to be sad.”

This is a message from Keighley GP for local people struggling to cope with the pressures of coronavirus.

Dr Phillipa Smith is the practice director at Farfield Medical Centre in Keighley and a trustee of charity It’s OK To Say which supports GPs around the country who have a special interest in mental health.

Living in the Keighley area with her young family, she wanted to share tips on how to cope from her experience, plus focused advice from the It’s Okay To Say network.

Phillipa admitted coronavirus was frightening everyone, but she said: “If there has ever been a time to support, show love and understanding, it is now.

“Our modern ways allow us to stay connected and we’re able to offer more help. This is a heightened time and has the ability to provoke so many feelings, just as it can bring the best and the worst out in people.

“It’s OK to be scared, it’s OK to be sad, I am too, but there is always hope, love and kindness.”

Phillipa said coronavirus had led to an unsettling time for everyone – children, parents, teachers and doctors alike.

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