I am worry bear, I am here to help you with your fears, so don’t you worry my dear!

TASK !: Draw, paint, print and cut me out, place me on the front of a writing/art book and express your worries then tuck me under your pillow. You could even design a worry box with me on the front.   If you can’t tell me, please don’t worry, I am here to help you learn how.  You can even laminate me, turn me into a keyring, be as creative as can be.

If you can tell me, transfer your worries to me!  We MUST acknowledge them and be KIND to them and ourselves.  Now close your eyes, imagine your worries floating out of your heart and into mine.  See my red heart? You might like to hug a hot fluffy water bottle spritzed with your favourite scent while doing this.

*It’s a lovely ‘clear the mind’ exercise to do at night while settling in and before drifting off to sleep.

Each month we will be focusing on new solutions to help you through everyday battles.  They can be applied at any time and nobody would even know, so shhhhhh it can be our secret!  I will help you with your emotions.  Learning about your emotions and what to do with them gives you wonderful skills that as you grow help you face things more positively and makes you more resilient.  What is resilient you ask?  You will learn that too!

Helpful book for children in understanding the Coronavirus: https://nosycrow.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Coronavirus-A-Book-for-Children.pdf

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Parents, click on the bubbles for separation anxiety help.

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  1. Absolutely love this! Thank you it’s a lovely idea and one I can share with children in my school xx

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